Tuesday, 28 October 2014

SSC English-types And Format of Questions

In any case the questions set are objective type multiple-choice. Barring a few rare exceptions following are
the types of the questions that are set .
Type 1 – Identifying errors: This is primarily concerned with correcting the incorrect sentences. Following
Formats in which this type of question is set or may be set.
(a)   Four parts of a sentence are underlined and the candidate is to point out which underlined part is not acceptable in standard written English.
No verdict (A)/ is given(B) /jury are trying(C)/ the case (D)/.No error(E)
(a)   Obviously part ‘C’ is the answer because jury is used collectively and so verb should be singular.
TYPE 2: Sentence Improvement test: A part or the complete sentence is underlined and different various of the underlined part are given as answer choices. The candidates are to pick up one answer –choice that expresses the theme of the underlined part in the test possible manner. For example:
Here we get food and lodging
(a)fooding and lodging
(b) boarding and lodging
© board and lodging
(d) No improvement is needed
 Clearly, only answer-choice ‘C’ expresses the idea contained in the underlined part in the best possible manner.
Type  3: Filling the blanks: Sentences with blank space are given. We are to pick up one phrase or word given in the answer-choices that will complete the sentence correctly. For example:
I ...... do my duties squarely
(a)couldn’t  hardly
(b) could hardly
©could rarely perform
(d)None of these
 Answer choice (b) is correct
Type  - 4  Cloze test: A thematically well connected  passage is given. In almost each sentence a blank space which is  numbered is left. In the answer choices for each numbered blank space, words or phrase are suggested. Pick up the most appropriate for each blank space.
Type – 5 Restructuring a paragraph : Sentences of a thematically connected paragraph 1.2,3,4,5. In the answer choice their sequence is given with the help of codes. The candidates are to pick up the help of codes . The candidates as are to pick up the correct arrangement paragraph. Sometimes the first and the last sentence of the paragraph are given whereas the intervening sentences are jumbled up. Here also you are to discover the correct arrangement . For example
1.      It has begun its enquiry into violations of Human Rights in East Timor.
2.      There are allegations of violation of Human Rights in Jammu and Kashmir.
3.      No longer can we silence critics at home .
4.      We should also look closer home.
5.      A commission on Human Rights is recently appointed.
(a)   3 2 1 4 5                          (b) 5 2 3 4 1
© 5 1 4 2 3                           (d) 2 1 3 4 5
The answer is answer choice”.
Type 6 : Restructuring a sentence: Jumbled up parts of a sentence are given, reorder them and pick up correct order form the answer choices. For example:
1.Of course               2. And
3.  a kind                   4. Generous man              5. He is
Choice ‘B’ is correct
Type -7 Vocabulary test: Under vocabulary test they give (1) synonyms   (2) antonyms (3)  idioms  (4) one word substitution. In some cases, very large number of questions are set under this heading. Following are the format of this question.